Harvest Fair


This is one of our favourite times of year where we get to celebrate all our hard work.  During the month of August, we look forward to planning our annual Harvest Fair.


It's a day of excitement and family fun with live entertainment, best produce competition with various catagories, BBQ, welly throwing for children, Raffles, a visiting animal farm and a lot of Craic!

2nd Prize
1st Prize
3rd Prize
Competition Table
Competition - Longest Courgette Weight-in
Competition - Longest Courgette
Competition - Sweetest Carrot and Most Peas in a Pod contest
Competition - Nice Peas
Competition - Longest Carrot winner 30.5cm
Competition - Longest Carrot
Competition - Heaviest Tomato
Competition - Some weird shaped veggies - Still very tasty though
BBQ - Sausages
BBQ - Setting up
BBQ - Baked Potatoes
BBQ - Cakes2
BBQ - Cakes
BBQ - Cakes1
Wooly Farm1
BBQ - Music
Wooly Farm3
Wooly Farm8
Wooly Farm6
Wooly Farm
BBQ - Fun1
Wooly Farm5
Wooly Farm4
BBQ - Fun
Wooly Farm7
Wooly Farm2